Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had the idea for this post ages ago, like the middle of the month at least, and until I was just looking through my post list just now, I'd forgotten it existed.

I wanted to talk about emotions and responses (emotional responses, of course) that I find utterly moronic.

Let me start by informing you, dear audience, that I hate emotion-driven people. If you operate largely based on your feelings, I think you are varying levels of stupid. That being said, some of the emotions that I find particularly stupid and wasteful: Regret, guilt, self-martyrdom, and anything that conflicts with what you say you believe about life.

To quote the glorious Katherine again, "Regrets are a waste of time; they're the past crippling you in the present." What does one accomplish by feeling bad about the past? You can no longer change it, and it really has nothing to do with you anymore. Sometimes things happen, sometimes they're your fault. Own that and move on, you whining children. All those feelings do is prevent now from being better than then. And no one wants to be around someone caught up in regrets. Those people suck. Living in the past accomplishes nothing. Same thing goes for guilt. If you screwed up, fine. Do what you can to fix it, and move on. That's also, by the way, the only kind of permissible guilt. If you feel guilty about something that wasn't even your fault, I can't actually think of any response other than to hit you with something heavy, and hope the head-trauma makes your brain work better.

The other thing that really pisses me off is when anyone plays the martyr or the victim. Feelings of victimization are entirely on you. Yes, sometimes people do horrible things to you, but how you respond is on you. If you let that take any power you had away, fine. But don't go about thinking you can't do anything about how you feel. My real fury is directed to the self-appointed victims. So often I see people acting as though everyone has gone out of their way to make life hard :( Sad face. Poor you.

This is the point where you slap them soundly, and then proceed to roll your eyes every time they say something about how they feel.

Last night, I was babysitting, and I asked the youngest (five year old Jacob) to clean up the Go Fish cards that he and his sister had gotten all over the living room. He proceeded to make inarticulate whining noises and say that I made him to everything. He works so hard all of the time doing chores for everyone, and it's not fair, because he deserves a break sometimes.

That night, all he'd done in the way of chores was pick of some trash off the living room floor, take a cup to the kitchen, put his dinner dishes on the counter, and pick up food off the dining room floor.

Oh god. I'm such a monster!

This is what you ALL sound like.

Anyways. I think that's enough of a rant for now.

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