Thursday, July 19, 2012

More on Rain

I was in Wisconsin again this last week (fourth time since Christmas), and as most of you have cleverly discovered in your lives, spending a full week with the same few people gets kind of wearing. By which I mean I wanted to stab people for existing near me. So I went for a long walk through River Falls in the rain.

For some reason I'd had it in my head that rain is just rain, but when I walked through the streets and looked at the grass and trees, I noticed none of the vibrancy I associate with sudden rain. Living in as dry a climate as I do, I can see how rain wakes things up. When it rains here, everything is alive and colorful and drinking in the moisture. The greens are the brightest I've ever seen. But in Wisconsin, where there is more constant moisture (the kind that makes you feel like you're trying to breathe soup after living here), nothing lights up when it rains. I was walking and staring, and it suddenly came to me that the trees just looked complacent. They weren't starving for the water, and it was nothing out of the ordinary for them to receive it. It was like seeing gorged fat people. There was something offensive about it after seeing the way my trees love rain. It's like a sacrament in desert areas.

Of course, I started comparing that to the rains in Oregon too, where it's more or less the same as breathing, but everything is bright and alive regardless of when.

Anyways. Just some quick thoughts I had in relation to my last post, so I thought I may as well publicize them. Not that they're really being read by many people. I had to laugh, because in the space of like a week, I went up like a thousand pageviews solely because of my mention of the fire. It made me laugh at what cause-whores we are here. We're passionate about whatever disaster/cause/tragedy we found out about for about two weeks, and then it disappears and life as usual resumes.

Maybe someday I'll do a real post again, with all kinds of thoughts and pretty pictures for you, but I don't actually have the motivation right now. My bedroom is a rioting hell of junk and displaced furniture, so that takes precedence. And now that you've all forgotten what it was this post was even about, I bid you farewell.

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