Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mariella walking on miles of eggshells

Like many others have before me, I'm going to do something I generally object to and talk a bit about myself. This is a personal rant, so if you don't want to read it, I advise you to toddle off now before I start really talking.

I have something important to share with you, internet (And by "internet," I mean you, my imaginary, theoretically interested audience). And in order to make my point effective, I shall post this wonderful song.

Now, assuming you actually bother to listen to that song--"Mariella" by Kate Nash, for those curious but too lazy--I'd like to point out the first verse.

"I"m heavy-handed to say the least.
My mother thinks I'll be an awful clutcher, 
'cause I spill things from stirring 'em too quickly.
I'm far too...LOUD.
It's like as soon as I've got an opinion, 
it just has to come out.
I laugh at stupid things
just 'cause they tickle me
And sometimes I wish
sometimes I wish I was
Like Mariella"

I've commented before to Tim and Alexis that this verse is very much like us overall, but me especially in that I am too loud, and I state my opinion freely almost as soon as I have one. Except there's one major difference between me and the speaker in this song. I don't want to Mariella. Which is apparently something that repeatedly offends people. I am the first verse, but I don't glue my lips together. I will not shut up to please you people.

Here's something people don't seem to realize:

Walking on eggshells all the time REALLY SUCKS.

Unless it's these eggshells. That would be ok with me. 
My stompy boots will take good care of your feelings, little eggs...

I don't know how many of you realize this, not being me or remotely like me, but I have an opinion and an attitude about everything, and I'm not shy about sharing it. I will not be made to feel guilty simply because you can't handle it. 

It's not arrogance or meanness. I just say what I say, and you can deal with that on your own. I am not obligated to make you feel good about yourself, and I'm not obligated to agree with you.

See, the thing is, people give lip service to the idea that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what I repeatedly see is that I'm entitled to your opinion, and if I have my own, I'm an arrogant witch.

And you know what? If I piss you off, awesome. Tell me. Explain why, argue with me if you feel the need. But don't just get offended and be huffy and snide to me without explanation. Or worse, get pissy about it, say nothing to me, and then bitch about me to someone else.

Also, it's not a contest. It's not about who talks louder, more, or more forcefully. A conversation is an exchange of ideas and information. Just how do you expect that to happen if the participants don't do that?

The fact that I'm not afraid to be me when interacting with people isn't something I'll never apologize for. And if I do, have no doubt that I'm lying, because I don't want to deal with your insecurities or persecution.

So go back to all your other people, audience. Because there's a large majority of mousy idiots who'll take your crap and agree with you. Probably because they're just like you in a lot of ways. I'm not one of them, so stop expecting me to be.

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