Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Personal Note (Why There's Nothing Exciting Here Lately)

I'm going throw in a personal update here, because at least Taryn has been missing my real blogging, and it's something that I would like to find more time to do.

Part of the reason for the silence has been the recent madness with my real life (living situations, people, jobs, etc.) and subsequent total lack of time/energy for blog-writing; it may or may not be apparent that I put a significant portion of energy into these posts, so after I work for upwards of twelve hours a day on very little sleep, I'm barely up for living my own life, let alone sharing rants and observation in a remotely coherent manner.

Part of it is also that there is just SO MUCH that I want to rant about, that it becomes a little overwhelming. I used to have a sticky note on my desktop that had blog ideas on it, but that's either disappeared, or been deleted, which is fine, actually, because it was painfully obsolete anyway.

But! I have lately been settling into the new rhythms of my life a little bit more, and have been trying to recommit myself to my arts and the things that actually fill and sustain me and give me pleasure.

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