Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inktober Highlights

I doubt if those of you who are interested in my artistic escapades have missed these, since I've been whoring my stuff all over the internet--supposedly that's supposed to make a difference and make anyone at all care about my art or my goals--but I figured in the name of consistency and stalling on my already behind NaNoWriMo novel, I'd post them here too.

Those mostly don't suck. I missed three days total during the month, which I suppose isn't bad. I do feel like I got a little better at using pen, which is something I've been wanting to improve basically forever, so I guess that was good. 

I find a like doing these month long challenges. I did a 30 day yoga series just before/during this, and I've theoretically started NaNoWriMo again. We'll see if that one happens. I've been kind of done with life, the universe, and everything lately, so finding anything in myself that genuinely desires to create or express myself has been a struggle. Right now I'm kind of waiting to see if a hugely personal, emotional outburst will find its way out of me, but so far I've remembered that I don't actually want to do that.

Oh, and here's my Halloween costume. I was busy the whole day, which is why I didn't end up drawing.
I tied in the costume contest at my sister's bar, so that was kind of cool. 

Back to my hole I go.

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