Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Month of Simple Pleasures, Day 12

As tentatively suggested last night, here I am posting before work at five.

I feel like I should probably be linking to previous posts, or at least to my original list (which I did that one time), but that seems a little pointless when there's a whole post list just to the right anyway.

I also feel the need to apologize for this prompt, because tend to hate when people post random crap on blogs and blog-like things, and I feel like if I were following my blog, I'd see half my posts and go, "you know who cares, Rachel? No one. Do something constructive with your life instead of wasting everyone's time with this crap."

Anyway, thing number 12 off my list!

12. Epic quest music while I run a mundane errand

I can only think of two or three times this has happened specifically.

One: going to Chipotle with Rosalinde while listening to Skyrim music.

Two: going to buy butter so I could make crepes while listening to Amon Amarth.

Three: going to the bank for work while listening to "Into Battle" by Ensiferum.

Based on the amount of Pagan Metal there is on my phone and in my car, I've probably experienced this more times, but those are the ones that stand out. It makes you feel kind of awesome and fairly silly.

Try it sometime. Put on some really badass music next time you go to the grocery store or whatever. You'll see.

And since I feel largely craptacular once more, I'm going to stop typing away, and go do something that will possibly trick my body into not feeling horrible. Or maybe nap some more.

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