Friday, February 8, 2013

31 Things That Make Me Stupidly Happly

1. Power Metal
2. Little Boys (under five years old) in suits, vests, sweater vests, ties, or any other classy apparel
3. Bubbles
4. Finding surprise money in my pocket
5. Looking fabulous
6. Being cooked for
7. Gummy candy of almost all varieties
8. New shoes
9. Changing my appearance (hair color/style, piercings, tattoos, etc)
10. Smelling lilacs before I see them
11. Candles everywhere
12. Epic quest music while I run a mundane errand
13. Effectively translating something from thought into a tangible substance
14. Witty banter
15. Rereading books I love
16. Lightning storms
17. Driving under trains
18. Laughing out loud at something in my head when no one else said anything
19. Skipping, twirling, jumping, or dancing while walking somewhere
20. Moshing
21. Well mixed drinks
22. Sitting in a ray of sunshine, feeling like a lizard, or a cat.
23. Fluffy skirts
24. Viking metal
25. Babies making outlandish noises
26. Dessert
27. Shouting compliments at strangers
28. Painting
29. Being tired because I've done things
30. Being loud because I feel like it
31. Yummy meats

So there's this writing prompt I found a while ago where you're supposed to write out thirty-one things that give you pleasure, and then you write about each one every day for a month. I was at work tonight, listening to Ensiferum's "Deathbringer from the Sky," and it starts with this super awesome power metal wail, which never fails to make me smile, so I was thinking about that, and then I started making a list in my head, which turned into this post, which made me remember that prompt. So you're welcome for wasting your time for free. But I think I'm gonna have to try doing that for March. That has 31 days, right? So I'll just put up a quick post for each of these, and some of them will probably go together when I forget to do it.

Feel free to ignore everything I say next month.

The end.

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