Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Disclaimer

I felt obligated to inform you, theoretical readers, that I am, in fact, capable writing both well and lucidly; it is completely within the realm of possibility for me to astonish you all with my intelligent prose. I'm also fully aware that this isn't something you've seen in any appreciable way in this blog, but I felt, given the eloquence and intelligence of the blogs I've linked to, as well as the utter nonsense I tend to post, that I ought to inform you that I'm not simply a gibbering moron.

I actually quite enjoy writing intelligent analysis; however, the purpose of starting this blog was not to share the quality of my writing skill. It was to share my nonsense, and though it has deviated from that to some degree, that remains the primary purpose here: to spew the contents of my conscious mind whenever the desire descends. The possibility that I'll actually say something clever or serious now and again is entirely present, but The Bull Well exists simply for my own (and, one would hope, other's) amusement.

This, by the way, comes in the wake of my last blog's utter lack of coherence. I've no doubt that in the months since I quit formal education, my writing skills have suffered somewhat; I generally have much smoother syntax when writing formally, and my capacity to logically lay my thoughts out in a comprehensible pattern is theoretically much greater.

Just something I thought I'd inform you all. I consider myself a writer, so it galls and even shames me the slightest bit to reflect on the word vomit I've been sharing. I've been accused more than once of having diarrhea of the mouth, but rarely of the pen, and I'd prefer not to make my Muse flee in horror at the tripe I've written in my day.

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