Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At long last, I ramble once more.

Hello, theoretical audience! It's been ages. And by ages, I mean most of a month. Thank you for those of you who whined that I haven't blogged. I now love you more than the other people who read this.

I'm gonna blame the month of march, though. Because it's been kind of stupid. Not in a bad way. I've just been somewhat busy, and my internet is clearly on some form of mind-altering drug.

Which is why I am, at this moment, using my sister's computer with its demonic keyboard.

I hate it -.-

Feel loved, for I struggle on your behalf...Kind of.

Anyways! I actually had a topic for rambling in this post (which is another part of the reason I've been away so long).


As most of you know (and by "most" I mean all my followers, and probably you possible secret readers that aren't following), art is more or less my life. Not that I'm obviously, wildly passionate about it, or that I intend to make a career out of (though that could definitely be nice. I haven't ruled it out.), but I'm pretty much constantly creating. I have been forever and ever. I draw to keep myself focused or to keep my hands busy; I make a large portion of my clothing and jewelry; I paint whenever possible. It's second nature for me.

So one of the things I was thinking about this past week is how art inspires me. I love looking at it, and I can spend hours in galleries and museums. The Fine Arts Center downtown has been one of my favorite places since I discovered I can get in free with my PPCC student ID. The thing about looking at art, for me, is that I can appreciate as a viewer and as an artist, and it gives me something to aspire to and something to love about humanity. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm kind of short on those. I'm not like the Doctor, going "Yay, humans!" every five minutes. Kind of the opposite, actually. So when I see the spectrum of human emotion, experience, and genius, I have to take a moment to appreciate what it is that I'm seeing.

Which is part of why I kind of want to stab people when they look over my shoulder at something I'm drawing and coo over my creativity and wistfully say that they can't make art.

Don't be an idiot. Everyone can draw. You think it's some magical gift of the gods to be "artistic"? No. Wrong, boys and girls. It's a skill, like almost anything else. It takes practice and training. As much as I wish I were one of those awesomely talented individuals (*cough cough Tim* >.>), I'm not. All of the growth I've seen in my art has been the result of a lot of effort. And being taught. Figure Drawing last semester was phenomenal.

But that's how everything is. Most of "the arts" are a matter of learning and desire. It's about how much you want to learn to be an artist, or a dancer, or a musician, or an actor. Yeah, there's some predisposition that goes into it, but that's true of anything, isn't it?

Anyways. These were things that were running through my head while working on a digital painting.

Also, digital art is so much easier than real art! It's fabulous. You can undo your mistakes and change things so painlessly. So many effects and possibilities just a click away. It's beautiful. Less personal, of course. I like the smears of paint all over my hands and jeans, but to each his own. "Different strokes for different folks," and all that.

And I put a hole in my face ^.^ Yay for Tim and I having random adventures when we hang out. I'm still being kind of excited about that one. Nose, for those of you bothering to be curious.

And now I'm going to go read more Sophie's World, since I've taken far too long with that one, and I think I'm done writing. No pretty pictures for you this time. Just the monotony of blocks of intimidating text.

And on a totally unrelated note that just popped into my head, Go is one of the best games ever, and everyone should try it. I need to play it again.

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