Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some people actually do deserve to die painfully

It was inevitable that I'd end up angrily shouting my views into the void of the internet, audience, but I didn't expect that to happen today.

And now that I've stopped yelling about this in conversation, I'm going to rant about it here and get angry all over again. Because it's not something I'm going to stop being angry about, theoretical readers. I've changed a lot in the last couple of years, but this is something I have not shifted an inch on.

Earlier today, a friend told me that a friend of his had gotten their girlfriend pregnant, which made him realize he didn't actually care about her for anything more than sex, so he bullied her into an abortion.

No amount of shouted profanity would suffice right here.

What kind of worthless excuse for a human being does something like that? I commented that I thought that particular specimen ought to be castrated with some rusty scissors, but if I could send the whole roiling mass of them  into hell after an excessively painful death, I'd do so without an ounce of pity or guilt.

The thing is, guys, sex kind of matters a lot. Unless you've already done enough emotional and psychological damage that you've desensitized yourself to it, it's a significant interaction between two people. It's supposed to matter, and the fact that people make light of it so much is incredibly irritating. The fact that people can just use it to demean each other and satisfy their own passing lust and move on is disgusting and depressing.

The other part of this that truly infuriates me is the abortion aspect. I don't care what you believe about, whether or not it's a right, so on. Every pregnancy has the potential to result in a child. I personally believe that it counts as a child the second you're pregnant, but that's an argument for a different day. Right now, I'm talking about the mind boggling selfishness and idiocy that allows someone to justify an abortion.

Have you ever read some of the things women say after they've aborted a baby? Do you know how it can affect someone to live with that?

I think they should have to live with it. And I think they don't ever deserve a child after that. Would you let a woman keep her second child if she had drowned the first? These people have no consequences, and it makes me angry.

Everything about it disgusts me to a depths that I have difficulty expressing, and you know what? There are people who wouldn't take issue with that guy. Who wouldn't find anything reprehensible about what he did or why he did it. And people like that are the reason this world deserves to burn.

Have I mentioned that I hate humanity with a violent and fiery passion? Maybe one in ten times I get completely transfixed by the potential and power and beauty of humanity, but then reality sets back in and every good thing people do gets buried in the overwhelming filth of this species.

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